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   OZ (2017-04-13 15:28:07, Hit : 295, Vote : 24)
   [re] Calf reduction
Dear Jamie,

Thank you for your interest in my clinic.
My clinic has the highest specialty in calf reduction surgery.
I've performed 'partial resection of Gastrocnemius muscle' for over 17 years with excellent results.

Considering your height and weight, your ideal circumference of calf is about 31 cm.
This means you need 5 cm reduction in your calf to be ideal.
5 cm difference in calf circumference will make your calf look totally different.

After this surgery, most patients have a difficulty in walking for about 10 days.
They can start their exercise 1 month later.
The decreased strength of calf will be regained within 6 months.

I have many patients who are active runners.
They can run after surgery without fear of becoming bigger.
That's one of the best advantage of this muscle resection procedure.

You can be a good candidate for calf reduction surgery.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.


Hyuncheol Park MD
OZ Cosmetic Clinic

PS) You can send your calf pictures to my email for detailed evaluation.
Take pictures from back when you lift your heels and send them to me.

>I'm interested in doing calf reduction and want to have more information through online consultation first.  Here are my info:-
>Height: 4'11
>Weight: 100 lbs
>Calf Circumference: 14 inches (at the biggest point)
>Past surgery: I have done Breast Augmentation and lower tummy liposuction.
>I'm an active runner and one of my must requirement is to be able to run after calf reduction surgery.  
>Please let me know if you think I'm a good candidate and also the estimate cost.
>I will be traveling to Korea at the end of the year and might schedule a consultation with you depending on your initial evaluation.

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 Calf reduction

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   [re] Calf reduction

2017/04/13 295 24
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