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   [re] Calf Reduction Surgery
Dear Kitty,

Thank you for your interest in my clinic.
My clinic has the highest specialty in calf reduction surgery and many foreign patients come to my clinic for this surgery.

Considering your height and weight, the estimated cost of your surgery is 7,000,000 KRW.
I usually recommend my patients to stay in Korea for more than 10 to 14 days for proper postoperative care.

Possible complications after calf reduction surgery are bleeding, infection, partial sensory loss, and imperfect results.
After surgery, you should do every effort to keep stretching and compressing your calf.
If you can't do your compression properly, you may not be able to see the drastic change.
If you can't do your stretching properly, you may have a difficulty in walking.
You should do frequent stretching until you can walk easily and normally.
When you are awake, you should do your stretching every 30 minutes for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Calf strength will be decreased temporarily.
But it will be regained within 6 months.
After 1 month, you can start exercise without fear of recurrence.
Pain is minimal after the day of surgery usually.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.


Hyuncheol Park MD
OZ Cosmetic Clinic

>Hi Dr
>I am really keen in this calf reduction surgery. But I have a few questions before I can proceed
>Heres my measurement.
>Height: 160cm
>Weight: 42kg
>Calf size: 34cm (at the largest point)
>I would like to know what are the complications that may occur after surgery such as
>- any risk of lower body paralysis
>- it is mentioned that calf stretching exercise to be done every 30mins. Does that include sleeping time? If so, what may happen if I fail to exercise my calf every 30mins?
>- Does it affect my leg strength ( perhaps unable to carry heavy items as the legs are unable to hold the weight)  
>- would I experience frequent pain at calf area even after many years later?
>I would like to know the estimated cost for my case as well. Looking forward to schedule a consultation with you.


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 Calf Reduction Surgery

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   [re] Calf Reduction Surgery

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