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   [re] Calf reduction
Dear Maria,

Thank you for your interest in my clinic.
My clinic has the highest specialty in calf reduction surgery and many foreign patients come to my clinic for this surgery.

In calf, there is little fat.
So, liposuction of calf is always disappointing.
In addition, irregularity is so common after calf liposuction.
You should have not tried liposuction on your calf.

As I explained in my 'calf reduction procedures', radiofrequency is usually disappointing.
In addition, it is recurred in most of cases.

Many patients undergo calf muscle resection after trying radiofrequency because radiofrequency seems to be less scary and is cheaper.
But the result is usually disappointing and it can make scar tissue in calf muscle which interfere with calf muscle resection later.
The patients who undergo calf muscle resection after radiofrequency has higher risk of irregularity because of the scar tissue from radiofrequency.

Partial resection of Gastrocnemius muscle is the most effective and the safest calf reduction surgery.
If you let me know your personal information and send me your photos to my email, I'll estimate the cost of surgery.

Required informtaion: Age, Sex, Height, Weight, Calf circumference, Medical and surgical history.
Take pictures from back when you lift your heels.


Hyuncheol Park MD
OZ Cosmetic Clinic

>I got Calf radiofrequency and liposuction about a year ago in the US, but im very unhappy with the results. My Calf is still bulky and the scars are very obvious. The area appears bumpy and not smooth. Im looking to get partial resection of the muscle because im wanting a much Leaner Calf.  Im wondering if this is possible and the cost of the procedure. Thank you.


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 Calf reduction

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   [re] Calf reduction

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