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   Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Babies have chubby cheeks and they look so cute.
But adults who have chubby cheeks look dull and mean.
So, many people want to make their cheek slim.

Many people regard the main cause of chubby cheek is fat and they wait until it is disappeared as they get old or they undergo liposuction.
But fat is not the only cause of chubby cheeks.
Excess subcutaneous fat, Remained baby fat, excess buccal fat, big facial bone, hypertrophic Masseter muscle, droopy cheeks all play roles in chubby cheeks.

Then, how can you make cheek slim?
Liposuction ? Buccal fat removal ? Lifting ? Laser treatment ? V-line surgery ? Botox ? Steroid injection ? Weight loss ?
There are many treatment options to make cheek slim because there are many causes of chubby cheeks.
People can acquire slim cheek successfully only when they undergo appropriate treatment according to the exact cause of their chubby cheeks.

Let’s find out the causes and treatment options of chubby cheeks.

1. Buccal fat removal
The most popular treatment for chubby cheek is buccal fat removal.
buccal fat pad (also called Bichat’s fat pad) is encapsulated deep fat pad which is implicated in the formation of hollow cheeks and nasolabial fold (but not in the formation of jowls).
Through small incisions in upper gum, buccal fat pad can be removed easily.
Many people are confused buccal fat removal with facial(cheek) liposuction.
If you pinch your soft cheek, you may found out easily how thin your cheek subcutaneous fat is.
Because there is very thin fat layer in cheek skin, cheek liposuction can’t make noticeable change in most of cases.
Facial liposuction is only useful to thick fat layers around jaw and under chin.
In buccal fat removal, we can remove thumb sized encapsulated fat.
But in cheek liposuction, we can remove only nail sized scattered fat.

This patient is slim generally and have thin facial fat layer and narrow facial bone.
But her buccal fat is big and protruded noticeably, especially when she smiles.
She complained of cheapmunk appearance and unnatural smile.
After buccalf fat removal, she looks more sophisticated and slim.

Women are not the only ones who want to remove chubby cheeks.
Many men want gaunt appearance or at least sharper image.
He thought he looked mean and dull and wanted to remove his buccal fat which is his familial traits..
His buccal fat pads were really big and about 2 thumb sized fat was extracted from each cheek.
If he lose more weight, he might have gaunt appearance like model.

2. Facial bone contouring
Many Asians have prominent and wide cheek bone and jaw bone and that is one of main causes of chubby cheeks.
Reducing zygoma or mandible can be effective treatments for chubby cheek.
In addition, chin augmentation can make cheek look slimmer.

She had wide and short face with small and recessed chin.
After V-line surgery (jaw bone reduction with chin augmentation), she could get slim face and nice cheeks.
Even though this teenager girl had remained baby fat and quite amount of buccal fat, I didn’t recommend her facial liposuction and bucal fat removal because appropriate amount of fat in her cheek suit her wide face and I expected her baby fat to be disappeared soon.
Too aggressive removal of fat would make her look older when she becomes late 20’s.
I believe good plastic surgeons should consider the change in their patient’s next 10 or 20 years also.

She had big and prominent cheek and jaw bone and underwent zygoma and mandible reduction.
I didn’t recommend her buccal fat removal because of her age.
Buccal fat becomes smaller and people get hollow cheek after their 50’s usually, which can make her look older.


3. Botox
Hypertrophic Masseter muscle can make their cheek look bulkier.
Simple injection of Botox can make their cheek less chubby.
If there are any means which are safer and simpler, those can be better than surgery sometimes.
The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. (Sun Tzu)
But this doesn’t mean that you should waste your money to ineffective treatments like acupressure massage, some weird injection, laser lipolysis, threadlift.
I’ll explain about ineffective treatments later more in detail.

She had slim face and slim body, but had heavy and mean face because of hypertrophic Masseter muscle.
She could have slimmer cheek and sharper image after simple injection of Botox easily.

4. Facelift
Unlike Caucasians, Asians have thick and tough skin, strong septum beneath skin.
So, most of non surgical lifting is useless.
As I mentioned before, the effect of threadlift, laser lipolysis, acculift, thermage, and many other non surgical lifting methods last less than 2 to 3 months.
In fact, the swelling caused by these treatments make their face look tighter and lifted.
Then, what is the difference between slapping their face and these non surgical treatments ?
Free vs. Paid ?
To Asians, only surgical lifting can make long lasting noticeable change.

She had slim facial bone, small buccal fat, thin subcutaneous fat layer.
But her droopy cheek made her cheek look chubby.
Facelift made her face look smaller, lifted, younger, tighter, and sharper.
Liposuction under her jaw bone made her jaw line clear and nicer.

Young people can be candidates for facelift sometimes.
This 30 year old woman had droopy cheek and double chin and underwent facelift.
Her buccal fat was not removed to make her cheek smoother and younger.
Liposuction was done under her jaw to make her jaw line clear and sharper and to remove her double chin.

5. Other treatments
You can see many advertisements of non surgical lifting easily.
They are cheap and look less risky and less scary.
In addition, they have shorter recovery period and the results look great on photos.
Don’t be fooled by exaggerated advertisement and false testimonials.
Even though these non surgical treatements are not effective, these can be useful to someone who is afraid of surgery.
But you should expect about 1/100 effect of surgery when you choose these non surgical treatements.
If you expect about 1/10 effect, you would be disappointed soon.

If you are afraid of facial bone contouring or facelift, you’d better consider rhinoplasty instead of non surgical treatments.
Augmentation of rhinoplasty can make their cheek less chubby.
This indirect effect is bigger than the effect of non surgical treatments.


If you have chubby cheek, you should find the cause of your chubby cheek first.
Then, you should seek appropriate treatments according to the cause.
For that, consultation with good plastic surgeon is the fastest and the eaiest way.


During searching internet about chubby cheeks, several questions arised.

Do you have more belief in the hospitals which show some photos with celebrities and doctors ?
Do you want to undergo surgery in the hospital which advertise cheapest prices ?
Are you tempted to the clinic websites which have many false testimonials with weird selfies paid by the clinic ?

In my thinking, these weird advertisement could backfire in a myriad of ways...

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Hyuncheol Park MD


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